Why switch to renewable energy?

Switching your energy supplier to Good Energy could cut the carbon footprint of all in your household (it’s true, you can check our sums).

Our 100% renewable electricity is made from British wind, sun and rain. Remember, the average carbon content of one unit of electricity in the UK is 420g carbon per kWh.

How we calculated this

To calculate CO2 saved, we looked at the average household electricity consumption which we then combined with the number of households in these areas and added them all up to calculate the total domestic electricity consumption. We multiplied this by the average carbon content of UK electricity to arrive at a total carbon footprint.

To calculate the carbon footprint of a car, we multiplied the average annual mileage by the CO2 emissions of an average new car. We then divided our carbon figure by this, to the collective number of car’s annual emissions.

Ready to switch?