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The Soil Association is the only British charity working across the whole spectrum of health, environment and animal welfare. That’s because we believe the health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible. We cannot tackle these issues in isolation.

Just like buying organic, choosing Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity for your home is just another small change you can make to help support a greener future for your community and the planet. 


Quote ‘SA 2020’ when switching. You'll get £50 credit on your energy account and we’ll donate £50 to the Soil Association to help their work in transforming the future of food and farming.

There is an environmental emergency we don’t talk about enough. Our broken food system is destroying our soil and the life within it. Heavy agricultural pesticides and the loss of organic matter that gives soil its fertility, are the main problems, and although the Government has to ensure UK soils are managed sustainably, little is being done.

The Soil Association with its members and supporters is campaigning to ask the Government to commit to saving our soils. Not only do healthy soils feed us and protect us from floods; healthy soils can also tackle one of the biggest challenges facing humanity - climate change. 

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