Delabole Wind Farm in North Cornwall was the first commercial wind farm in the UK, completed and commissioned in 1991 by the Edwards family.

Good Energy bought the wind farm in 2002 and has owned and operated it ever since. As a result the Edwards family are shareholders in Good Energy Group.

Between 2009 and 2011, Good Energy invested £11.8 million repowering the wind farm, replacing ten 400kW turbines with four machines and more than doubling the total installed capacity of the site to 9.2MW of wind power.

For the lifetime of the wind farm, Good Energy will contribute at least £9,200 per year (rising with inflation) to a community fund. This fund is controlled by a committee of local people and used to support community initiatives.

To date the committee has allocated grants to a wide range of local community groups and projects, for example to St Piran’s playschool for an outdoor play area and willow shelter, to Delabole Allotment Society for new fencing and the village cricket club for solar PV on the clubhouse roof.

In early 2013, in response to local concerns about rising energy bills, Good Energy launched the pioneering Delabole Local Tariff as an additional community benefit associated with the wind farm. Around 170 local households now benefit from 100% renewable electricity at a special rate, set at 20% less than the standard Good Energy electricity tariff.

Project key facts

Number of turbines: 4

Installed capacity: 9.2MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 24,150MWh* 

Homes powered: 6,400**

Status: Operational

*Based on site export data for 2016. 

**Based on average annual household electricity consumption for 2017 of 3,750.08kWh (Source: BEIS: Average annual domestic electricity bills by various consumption levels 2017)

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