Good Energy's wind power developments

Onshore wind has a vital role to play in the UK’s transition to a more secure, low-carbon energy future. 

Wind power is recognised as being the cheapest large-scale renewable energy source and has one of the lowest carbon footprints compared to other forms of electricity generation. We've put together this page to show you how wind turbines work.   

2015 was a record year for wind power in the UK, with offshore and onshore wind farms together generating 11% of the nation’s electricity supply. Onshore wind made up 5.8% of the UK's electricity supply in 2015, while 5.2% came from offshore wind farms.

Since 2002 when Good Energy bought Delabole Wind Farm, onshore wind has made a key contribution to meeting our customers’ demand for 100% renewable electricity. Together with supplies we buy from other certified generators, wind power now makes up over half of the electricity used by Good Energy customers.

As well as generating more 100% renewable electricity, our wind farms deliver significant benefits for local economies, communities and the environment. Follow the links below to find out more about our existing wind farms and our plans for more.

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