Carloggas Farm

Good Energy's fourth solar farm, located near St Austell in Cornwall, started generating electricity in March 2015.

This 8.3MW solar farm generates enough solar energy to power around 2,200 homes.

A diverse grassland has been sown in between and beneath the solar panels across the 50-acre site on Carloggas Farm and the neighbouring St Stephen Estate. This supports efforts to enhance local biodiversity and will be ideal for grazing sheep on site.

The five-metre field margins have been seeded with larval and nectar plants, providing an ideal habitat for species such as marsh fritillary butterflies and bordered bee hawk moths. We have also installed long-lasting bird and bat boxes on mature trees to encourage safe nesting and roosting.

For the lifetime of the solar farm, Good Energy will also contribute £8,300 per year (increasing in line with inflation) to a community fund. This fund will be controlled by local people and used to support community initiatives.

As well as the solar farm, Carloggas is also home to significant archaeological remains which were discovered on site before we started construction.

Project key facts

Installed capacity: 8.3MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 8,400MWh*

Homes powered: 2,200**

Status: Operational

*Based on site export data for 2016

**Based on average annual household electricity consumption for 2017 of 3,750.08kWh (Source: BEIS: Average annual domestic electricity bills by various consumption levels 2017)

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