Meet the Good Energy generators

We often get asked, what makes Good Energy different from all the other suppliers claiming to sell 100% renewable electricity?

The answer is simple: our community of over 1900 renewable generators. We buy power directly from them, using it to match every kWh that our customers use at home.   

Independent businesses, non-profits and local communities, spread all over Britain, that are all doing their bit to make the world a cleaner greener place.  

People that are so important in paving the way for the 100% renewable grid our nation desperately needs to play its part in keeping global heating below 2°C 

People like Matthew and Dan. Hear their stories below. 

Matthew Oxenham, Glen Lyn Gorge 

35 years ago, Matthew Oxenham’s father started up his small hydroelectricity station in Lynmouth, Devon.  

20 years ago, they started supplying that power to Good Energy’s customers – as one of our very first generators.  

And today, with Matthew at the helm, the turbines produce over 1.5million kWh of renewable electricity every year. 

Dan McCallum, Egni Co-op 

Danfacebook works for a community-driven charity committed to developing local renewable energy projects.  

Its solar arm, Egni Co-op, has installed about 4MW of solar on the roofs of schools, community buildings and businesses throughout Wales. It drives all the money back into the local communities, giving local people the chance to invest in a more sustainable future.  

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