Good Energy's research

Good Energy has always believed the UK can be powered purely by renewables, and that’s what we’re working towards.

We provide an alternative voice that frequently challenges the status quo, and ensures that a different perspective is regularly heard in the energy debate. Whether it’s looking behind the headlines, asking questions about the industry, or number crunching the data, we’re proving that another way is possible. 

Here are some examples:


Energy Miles

Do you know where your energy comes from? Our Energy Miles research, now in its fourth year, explores the origins of the UK’s electricity. 

The majority of electricity in the UK still comes from burning fossil fuels, or from nuclear power stations. This means that, as a country, we are largely reliant upon fuels imported from abroad to generate electricity. The demand for imported fuels from developing countries comes at a high cost and the price of dependency runs deeper than just keeping the lights on.

Merit Order Effect Report

In 2015 we published a report which shows that renewables are cutting the wholesale price of energy and lessening the impact of subsidies on bill payers.

Experts from the University of Sheffield backed the report, which highlights the valuable contribution renewable technologies play in our energy market.  Not only are renewables decarbonising our electricity generation, they’re driving down the cost of wholesale electricity in the process.


Reducing fuel poverty: the Role of Solar PV

As a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) administrator, we work with over 131 councils and housing associations.

Together, we’re proving the huge potential of solar PV to alleviate fuel poverty in some of the country’s poorest households. Approximately 44% of Good Energy’s registered FIT sites are on council or social housing. 

Our report ‘Reducing fuel poverty: the Role of Solar PV was prepared as part of Good Energy’s response to the government’s FIT consultation in Oct 2015. It includes case studies and examples of the benefits that these schemes provide. 

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