Domestic Newsletter Winter 2021

A message from Juliet

Good Energy has always been focused firmly on the future and coming out of a year like 2020 that is truer than ever before.  

There are a lot of reasons to look forward with hope in 2021. The government has a new ’10 point plan for a green industrial revolution’. It’s not perfect — it includes an over reliance on slow and expensive technologies like nuclear, and unproven ones such as carbon capture. But it states serious ambition. The postponed UN COP26 climate conference coming to Glasgow in November will increase the need for UK leadership on climate action. The huge public support for a green recovery cannot be ignored.  

On a global level, some of the world’s biggest emitters are starting to take climate change seriously. The US’ climate denier in chief has lost his seat in power, to be replaced by a president who actually wants to implement real green policy. China has set a carbon neutral target of 2060 —distant but more ambitious than most expected. Russia has also tightened up its emissions goals.  

Some of us fighting for action on climate are starting to whisper the question — ‘are we winning?’  

It is far too soon for the answer to be yes. We might be getting somewhere, but have to keep moving forward. And Good Energy has decided to take some practical steps to help us do exactly that.  

We are appointing a new Good Future Board. The new board, made up of six secondary school age students, will keep us firmly focused on the future. They will meet with our team regularly, be given the inside track on some of our plans and the opportunity to feedback. Our view is that grown-ups have had long enough to sort out climate change, and it’s about time that the young people whose futures are at stake get a say.  

I am really excited to see the kinds of thoughts and ideas that the Good Future Board can come up with. I think we will see the kind of creativity and thinking that can only come from young minds.  

Let’s make 2021 the year of climate action that 2020 should have been, and keep looking forward to a cleaner, greener future. 

Juliet Davenport 

Founder and CEO  

Good Energy  

Don’t COP out on climate action 

The biggest climate change conference in the world was supposed to come to the UK in November 2020. The UN’s Conference of Parties or COP is where governments across the world convene to discuss and negotiate climate targets. 

Due to COVID-19 the conference was postponed to 2021. But that did not stop a whole host of organisations and campaigners getting together to ensure that the call to take action on climate continued. And Good Energy got involved. 

Our CEO and Founder Juliet spoke at the UN’s virtual event Race to Zero. She also found time to speak to some of the organisers of Mock Cop —an event run by youth campaigners from across 150 countries. And she joined senior leaders from other businesses focused on tackling climate including Triodos, Patagonia and Riverford Organic Farmers for ALTCOP, hosted by craft beer brand Brewdog. 

We hope to continue the momentum through 2021 into November when the rearranged COP will be taking place in Glasgow. 

 Your biggest sustainable change in 2020

We asked our customers what changes they had made during 2020 to reduce their environmental impact. With far less travel, and far more time spent at home, here are some of the areas the Good Energy community focused on.

Home and garden

Some people switched to greener heating, including replacing fossil fuel-based systems with wood pellet boilers or heat pumps – or adding a boost to enable solar panels to be used to heat water, too. During summer and autumn, many of us reaped the rewards of planting your own fruit and veg.

Food & waste

The kitchen was another area of focus. Actions included reducing how much meat we’re eating, avoiding plastic and rediscovering local services such as greengrocers and having milk delivered in glass bottles.


Finally, many people showed that sustainability can touch on almost every part of life. Ideas included switching to an ethical bank; moving from petrol/diesel cars to EVs or pedal power; giving up fast fashion; and joining local climate action groups to support change in the community.


For more details and sustainability inspiration for the year ahead, read the full story on our blog at

We’re changing our address

From 1 February 2021 we’ll be moving offices so that our whole team is able to work under the same roof. Please make a note of it in case you ever need to contact us by post.

Good Energy, Monkton Park Offices, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 1GH 

The easier, greener way to manage your energy

Made a resolution to be even greener this year? Here’s a simple way to get started: make your energy account digital.

  1. Go paperless

Did you know that sending an email uses about 1.7% of the energy it takes to deliver a letter*?  We’re always working on reducing the impact of our operations. If we have your email address, we’ll automatically switch you to paperless statements. Call or email us to let us know the email address that works best for you and we’ll get you set up.

  1. Manage your account online

View your statements, submit meter readings and get answers to common energy account queries via your online account or our app. Go to or download our app from your app store.

  1. Set up a Direct Debit

Paying by Direct Debit generates 94% less carbon than paying by cheque**. Not only is it greener, it’s easier – when you receive your statement, you’ll already have a payment in place to cover it. Call or email us to set up a fixed or variable Direct Debit.              0800 254 0000


*How bad are bananas? by Mike Berners-Lee

**Research by BACs

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