Domestic Newsletter Summer 2019

a message from juliet

Good Energy was founded with the purpose to empower people to become part of a sustainable solution to climate change.

Today, we are pleased to see the UK is waking up to the climate emergency. With the landmark news that the government will legislate for net zero emissions by 2050, the country is on track to become a world leader in fighting climate breakdown.

What is more, the BBC’s hard hitting, David Attenborough-led documentary Climate Change: the Facts and social movements such as the global school strikes and Extinction Rebellion protesters taking over central London have also contributed to the rising public awareness that we are currently witnessing.

But as well as raising awareness, it is essential to share practical actions individuals and businesses can take to end our overall contribution to climate change. Not doing so can simply leave people in despair. That’s why I wrote in an open letter to the BBC, because for the public to fully engage with climate change, we must offer tools and advice on how to respond to it.

Good Energy is here to provide you with some of those tools. From keeping you informed about the good you are doing by supporting the transition to a cleaner energy system, to helping you to share what we do with others. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener future for everyone.

Juliet Davenport
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

how smart meters lay the foundations for a cleaner energy system

Although smart meters have been around for a few years now, we decided to wait to offer them to our customers until the technology is right. The first smart meters on the market turned ‘dumb’ when people switched suppliers and could end up being replaced, which wasn’t environmentally responsible.

We’re busily working on a plan to install the more advanced second generation meters and other advanced integration technology.

Once we’ve made sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, we’ll let you know when we’ll be offering smart meters to all customers that want one. You’ll receive more information when we start installing meters in your area.

What’s the benefit of getting a smart meter?

Smart meters are paving the way to more than just an energy efficient future. They will enable the creation of a new smart energy grid, and serve as a platform for a host of new products and services – that will be the foundation for lower carbon homes and businesses throughout the UK.

The data that smart meters collect, will allow better insight for customers to understand when they use power, how they use, and what they use it for. Together, we can help the UK bring more  renewables to our power system, and build a green future.

a solar tax hike is the worst way to respond to the climate emergency

The government has proposed a rise in VAT on installing low carbon energy generation and storage to a rate four times higher than that on polluting coal.

Consumers are facing an increase from 5% to 20% VAT on the cost of installing their own low-carbon energy and storage. Increasing costs for the solutions to climate change we can use today. Meanwhile, domestic coal, the highly carbon intensive fuel the UK is committed to eradicating from our energy system, will continue to enjoy the lower 5% rate.

Visit to read all the information and on how you can add your name to our petition to help halt the proposal.

creating a cleaner, greener world? it’s even easier with friends.

It’s encouraging to see that the climate emergency is getting more focus on a national level. But we know it can also be a challenging issue to talk about on a more personal level, with friends and family. We hope the content within Our News gives you a good way to get started. You could also share £100 in credit if they join Good Energy with our refer a friend scheme.

If you haven’t already signed up to our refer a friend scheme, you can visit to find out how it works.

thank you for writing

We always like hearing your stories, they are so inspiring. We had a great letter from someone called Alastair, who wrote to share his plans to renovate an old flour mill and generate power from one of the oldest forms of power, hydro power. Good Luck Alastair and please keep us updated!
Please tell us your stories about what you’ve done to make your lives more green.

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