Domestic Newsletter Spring 2020

A message from Juliet

The Year of Climate Action. That is the title the Prime Minister gave 2020 at a launch event with Sir David Attenborough at the Science Museum in February. By mid-March he was delivering daily press conferences on an entirely different crisis. In a few short weeks, our society has made
such change to respond to a global threat, that it feels that we are living through dramatic times indeed.

Through all of this, Good Energy’s commitment to tackling climate change has not changed. Our mission is to keep the planet our home, protecting both planet and people. So, as we see the global pandemic pose an immediate threat to lives, it is vital that we do our utmost to protect people.

That starts with our staff, our customers and our renewable generators. As the UK went into lockdown, we swiftly switched to 100% remote working. 300 people, working from home. We achieved this with relatively little disruption, as flexible working has been a theme for the business for a while.

We have then worked closely with government and the rest of the energy industry to implement new procedures to protect vulnerable customers and, working with our renewable generators, ensuring that we can continue to deliver 100% renewable electricity. We are encouraging our customers to go digital and help us by taking regular meter readings where they can. This means we can make sure our charges are right, and that we buy the right amounts of power.

In the meantime, our aim to lessen our environmental impact does not stop. And even when we’re staying inside, we’re still sourcing electricity made by the great outdoors — the wind, the sun and the rain. Over the last couple of weekends, we saw renewable energy really demonstrate its value, by recording record levels of supply. So this year may not turn out to be the year of climate action, but while we stand together against the current crisis, we might find some inspiration that can help us fight the climate one as well.

Juliet Davenport
Founder and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO)

Marching with Greta Thunberg

It takes something fairly unprecedented for a business to tell its workforce to go on strike. But that is what happened at Good Energy when Greta Thunberg, the global climate activist, came to Bristol in February.

Having always championed the need to switch to renewable energy amongst politicians and policy-makers, when we heard that Greta was planning to come to the South West’s green capital, we wanted to show solidarity with her and the youth movement that is calling for urgent climate action.

As Fran Woodward, our People and Customer Operations Director, put it: “We wouldn’t normally do this, but I felt we needed to. It’s why this company exists, so the decision was a no-brainer really.”

One of the team, Johanna Pettipher, had only recently joined us as an accounts specialist. She explained that “In my last job I had to take a day off work to go on the last climate strike. My passions are now aligned with my company’s and I hope that as a collective we can encourage more people to show their support for making a difference.”

Around 30,000 people are estimated to have joined the strike, with our people bolstering the numbers, visible with yellow banners and placards.

Greta made a powerful speech, making it clear that “We will not be silenced, because we are the change. And change is coming whether you like it or not.”

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