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a message from juliet

20 years ago I set up a company to tackle climate change. But despite two decades of dedication, Greta Thunberg and the youth climate strike movement she has sparked have made it clear I still have things left to learn.

The school strikes are so effective because their message is so clear and the tactic so simple. This is the generation alive today that will be most affected by climate change in the future. Disrupting the status quo of the school day hits that message home.

It began with the actions of one young woman, determined to do something. Self-aware and candid about her own challenges, she has become the figurehead for a fast-growing movement. If you haven’t read Greta Thunberg’s story1, I recommend you do so. Watch her address politicians and business leaders at Davos2 and the UN’s COP24, too. Her delivery is simple but devastating.

From a solo protest to a wave of global action: the school strike on Friday 15th March has been reported as the biggest day of climate action ever. From isolated Pacific islands to pollution-shrouded cities in India, America and here in the UK, an estimated 1.6 million people took to the streets in 700 locations across 71 countries. This included our local city of Bath, where we handed over our Twitter account with its 38,000 followers to youth climate strikers – giving them another platform to share their urgent message.

There are more strikes planned for future months. The government says absence outside school holidays should only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Well, these are exceptional circumstances. The planet we live on, the world that today’s schoolchildren will grow up to inherit, is in peril.

So when they strike, we should take a back seat, listen and work out how to act. Young people are getting traction where older generations have not. We should be encouraged by and actively encouraging the strikes. They are necessary. They are exciting. Good Energy supports the youth climate strikers and we hope you will stand by them, too.

Juliet Davenport
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

accelerating towards an ev future

On 5th March, we announced that Good Energy has invested in an innovative start-up: Zap-Map. If you’re an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you’ve probably heard of it. You may be one of the app or website’s 70,000 monthly users. But if not, let us explain what it’s all about.

‘Range anxiety’ is the term for the worry electric vehicle (EV) drivers sometimes have about how far they can travel before needing to find somewhere to charge. This is where Zap-Map comes in. The Bristol-based company’s popular app helps EV drivers plan routes, identify charge points, check availability and share power. The people using it have more than 11,000 charging devices to choose from across the UK — in service stations and car parks, retail sites and private driveways.

We decided to join forces with Zap-Map because we believe it’s an important step on our journey towards making energy more localised. It reflects the changing way in which people live with energy. Rather than simply consuming it, more and more households and businesses are beginning to generate, store, sell and share. Electric vehicles are a huge catalyst for that change, making this power shift more tangible than ever before.

Our partnership with Zap-Map will help the company accelerate the development of its exciting new products, such as Zap-Pay, which will simplify smartphone payments for EV charging. The Zap-Home feature highlights private charging locations where households and businesses have chosen to share electricity with other registered drivers, providing access times and charging costs. It is a live, real-world example of energy in the sharing economy. Which chimes with us as the only UK energy company which has more customers generating and sharing their own power, versus using supply.

We are looking forward to the possibilities that our partnership with Zap-Map opens up. By working together, we can explore new ways to make owning and charging an EV even simpler — at work, at home or on the go.

the new good energy app is ready to download

Zap-Map isn’t the only app we’ve invested in. After listening to customer feedback about our meter reading app, we’ve developed a new and improved version. As well as letting you submit meter readings using pre-stored details, it allows users to add more than one property to the app; review their current balance and past bills; and make card payments.

For information about the app’s full features and how to download it, please go to

how pets corner is reducing its carbon pawprint

Ethical pet care retailer, Pets Corner, is committed to animal welfare and specialises in offering only natural pet foods and services. We recently caught up with CEO Dean Richmond to discuss how the company has grown, its long partnership with Good Energy, and the importance of sustainable pet food.

Powered by renewables

Pets Corner has been a Good Energy customer for more than 10 years. We match the electricity used at their stores nationwide with electricity sourced from independent renewable generators in the UK.
“We believe that businesses should take responsibility for limiting their environmental impact,” says Dean. “When we first started with Good Energy, we felt they were the only supplier who genuinely sold and promoted renewable electricity. Since then the excellent and ‘non-corporate’ service we’ve had has kept us.”

From using electric heating to make sure all the energy they use comes from renewables, to upgrading their stores to LED lighting, Pets Corner is committed to being green. The company has also installed solar panels at three of its stores, with its planned 43,000 square foot distribution centre also to be powered by clean energy. As well as supplying the company, we help manage the power generated at these sites.

Pets Corner started with just one store and now has over 150 dotted around the country. Along with this growth, its ethical thinking and values have led the company towards producing its own brand of sustainable dog food.

“With over 500 million pet cats and dogs in the world that eat 20% of their country’s meat and fish, we knew we had to find a more sustainable solution,” says Dean.

“Yora” is made from insects and environmentally conscious ingredients as, insect protein produces a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to that of meat or chicken. In addition to that, it’s good for your pet!

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