Domestic Newsletter Autumn 2020

A message from Juliet

We Brits love to talk about the weather. ‘A bit chilly’, ‘chucking it down’, ‘boiling out there’ — this is the language of thoroughly British small talk. But how did something that is by its very nature global, become so synonymous with the local and trivial?

Second only to the obvious, weather has been the big story of 2020. In the UK, an unseasonably sunny start to lockdown helped set solar power records. Later in the year Storms Ellen and Francis crashed in from the Atlantic, setting wind power records. Extreme heat led to horrendous wildfires in Australia at the start of the year, and has recently fanned flames across California and Oregon.

Extraordinary weather is the most immediate, obvious and alarming evidence we have of climate change’s effect on our planet. But communicating climate change alongside weather is always difficult. Weather is hugely complex, as seen with our Atlantic-driven storms.

This is why you will always see disclaimers from the scientists stating not ‘this weather event was caused by climate change’ but ‘this was made more likely by climate change’. These statements are absolutely scientifically sound. But — and it’s a big but — provides the deniers with the wiggle room that allows them to fabricate their arguments.

I think we can make weather much more than small talk. We should spend more time putting the UK’s weather in a global context. Not just looking on at Hurricane Laura and pitying the people of Louisiana, but truly seeing how what happens there has direct and real impact on us. Demonstrating so strongly that our planet might not be fragile, but that our place on it might.

Juliet Davenport Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Orchestra for the Earth perform at Delabole Windfarm

Earth Overshoot day is the day when we have officially used up our yearly ecological budget, taking more from the planet than it can replenish. It fell on 22nd August this year and we marked it by working with youth climate activists and musicians Orchestra for the Earth, who performed at our wind farm in Delabole.  Watch their performance on our YouTube channel.

Orchestra for the Earth are committed to using the power of music to inspire action on climate change. And they’re not the only young people who want to make a difference. Our recent research shows that half of young people want a job in the green economy, and the majority want to work for an environmentally friendly business.

What Good Energy is doing for electric vehicle drivers

9th September was the first ever World EV Day. Supporting the electrification of transport is a huge part of our mission to help tackle climate change.

Cheaper home charging

Naturally, EV drivers who charge at home use more electricity. We have long had a dedicated EV tariff with reduced unit rates and standing charges for our 100% renewable electricity. But with the launch of second-generation smart meters, we’re nearly ready to launch a time of use tariff. This will offer even lower rates at night, when electricity demand is lower and when most EVs are charged.

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Zap-Map and Zap-Pay make it simple to charge on the go

Good Energy is a majority shareholder in Zap-Map, an app used by over 100,000 EV drivers to find charge points. One of the biggest challenges for EV drivers is no longer where to charge, but how to pay. There are a multitude of different networks and companies, which generally all have different payment systems. September saw the launch of Zap-Map’s solution to this challenge: Zap-Pay. This allows drivers to search, plan and pay for EV charging, all through one app.

Our journey towards greener heating

To help tackle the problem of carbon emissions from heat, we’re introducing new ways to make home heating greener.

For homes still reliant on gas, our new partnership with boiler and home care provider Hometree can help customers make sure their boilers are as efficient as possible.

For people who are considering investing in renewable heating such as a heat pump, we’re launching the UK’s first dedicated heat pump tariff. This will provide lower electricity rates in autumn and winter – reducing running costs at the times of the year when we most rely on heating.

Our heat pump tariff arrives shortly after the opening of the government’s Green Home Grant scheme, which provides homeowners with financial support for investing in energy efficiency improvements and low carbon heating.

By helping to make green technology more affordable, we can help the UK take a step further towards zero carbon emissions.

Help stop the greenwashers

You might be aware that there is currently a lot of ‘greenwashing’ in energy. The majority of supposed ‘100% renewable electricity’ tariffs on the market are provided by suppliers which, at best, only cover a small portion of the power used by their customers with electricity bought from renewable generators.

We think this is outrageous. Not only is it misleading customers, it is mis-directing potential investment into growing renewable generation.

Did you switch to Good Energy from one of the fake green suppliers? Or know someone who is a current or former customer of one and feels like they have been misled? We want to hear from you.

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