The weather review: September

August fulfilled its place in summer as ‘the month that is both wet and warm’. A strong jet stream earlier in the month brought rain across the country, and the low pressures brought in kept the weather conditions fairly unsettled and windy. Temperatures stayed buoyant for much of the month, threatening to be high enough for the media to compare us to hotter countries!

The late August bank holiday was hot and sunny for many and saw another high temperature record added to the string that were broken in June and July. This time it was the record temperature for the August bank holiday Monday, which reached 33.2 degrees compared to 28.2 in 2017.

Current weather models are not anticipating any great anomalous pressure systems for September. This could indicate that the weather will be about what you would expect for a month that sits between summer and autumn: at some points it’ll be glorious but at others it could be a little wild.

Temperatures are currently forecasted to be around the climate average for the UK with more chance of cooler spells than hotter. Wind speeds are also set to be broadly average this month but with shorter higher output interludes. Early weather model runs for September are also predicting a wetter month than usual, which will be good news for hydro generation after a warm and dry(ish) summer. The increased precipitation will be preceded by cloudier conditions. This means we expect to see slightly below average solar output, but with sunny spells driving generation up at points across the month.

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