The weather review: October

September ushered in the official start of meteorological autumn, which also coincided with it being meteorologically impossible to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Early September mashed unsettled, windy wet conditions (a result of a pickup in the hurricane season in the east of the Atlantic) with above average temperatures during the day, but chilly mornings. Then in mid September, temperatures climbed and early autumn heat settled in, for a week at least.

The start of October will be unsettled and pretty windy due to the remnants of Hurricane Lorenzo making its way to the UK, delivering high winds and rain. We could be getting more rain and wind than would normally be expected from a dissipating hurricane as Lorenzo made it to a Category 5 hurricane despite being much further north-east than would normally be expected. The media enjoys printing headlines saying ‘UK braced for hurricane!”. But in reality by the time a storm such as this reaches us, it is only an area of deep low pressure that brings wet and windy weather. Not quite the hurricane impact that the Caribbean and US endure.

The outlook for October is changeable. Wind speeds will be on average what would normally be expected for this time of year, but rainfall may be higher. Solar output is expected to be fairly low for the first couple of weeks of October, which isn’t unsurprising given all the rain forecast. Early views of late October is that there might be a little more solar than seasonal levels. At the moment there is no indication that there will be a period of extreme cold this month. Fingers crossed.

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