Good Energy Hub: changing the way you see energy 

Data driven insights to help you make simple, everyday changes that protect the planet. 

To tackle the climate crisis, society must get to 100% renewable energy. And that means making the way that we generate, supply, and use energy more efficient.  

The problem is, it can be difficult to see where to make changes. Or what impact the changes you’ve made are already having. That’s where Good Energy Hub comes in. 

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  • What is the Good Energy hub and how does it work?

    The Good Energy hub is a small device, about the size of an amazon echo dot, that connects to your smart meter(s) and your internet. It gathers and delivers real time information from your smart meter to our ‘Good Energy Hub’ app. The Good Energy hub collects meter readings and real time data to determine how you’re using energy, what you’re using energy on (such as heating, lighting, entertainment), and how you could improve your energy consumption. In the future, for our solar users it will be able to determine if you’re generating your own energy, how much, and give you insights on how and when to use this.

  • What are the benefits of having a Good Energy Hub?

    The Good Energy hub uses innovative technology to turn the smart meter into a game changing tool. Alongside the Good Energy hub app, it provides much more insight than a traditional In-Home Display (IHD), displaying not just your energy consumption but what this energy is being for, such as lighting, heating, entertainment, and more. Having this visibility of how energy is being used will allow you to make changes in your home and see the benefits of those changes. And that’s just the start. In the future, for our solar customers you’ll be able to view your solar analytics to see how much you’re generating, using, and importing to the grid.

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