Important changes to the gas industry

In June 2017, the whole of the gas industry across Great Britain is going to undergo its biggest change for several decades. This change is to update the IT infrastructure that underpins the metering and data in the whole of the gas industry. The change is being driven by Ofgem, the energy regulator, and is mandatory for all gas suppliers.

The changes are coming under the name “Nexus”. This name comes from the Latin meaning ‘to bind together’. This is quite apt, as it will bind together the industry in a much more accurate and efficient way, upgrading the systems which provide gas metering information and readying us for the smart meter rollout.


When is this all going to happen?

We expect this to launch on 1 June 2017.  However, to allow this to happen there’ll be a number of days leading up to the launch date to get all the systems ready. These will take place between the 23 May and the 1 June.


What does this mean for me?

During these days, you’ll still have your gas supply - so don’t worry, no cold showers are required! In fact, as the changes will be made ‘behind the scenes’, you shouldn’t be affected at all.

You can submit a meter reading at any time, and if you have any problems our Customer Care Team are on hand as always to help in any way they can.


I’m in the process of switching to you, will my switch be affected?

It may take us a little longer than usual to bring you on board. As soon as we get the go ahead from the industry that they have successfully upgraded their systems, we can start talking to your current supplier to begin the switching process. You can still start your switch to us at any time, all we ask is you allow an extra couple of days for us to process the paperwork.

Ready to switch?