New Good Energy FIT Customer Offer Terms and Conditions

1) The Offer

The Offer is called the “New Good Energy FIT Customer Offer” (the “Offer”) and the terms of which are described within these Terms and Conditions.

The Offer is provided by Good Energy Limited (company number 3899612) whose registered office is at Monkton Reach, Monkton Hill, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1EE, United Kingdom(“We”, “Us” or “Our”).

2) Application of these Terms and Conditions

By applying for the Offer, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions only relate to the Offer and are in addition and supplemental to Our standard terms and conditions for the supply of electricity and gas which will apply should you become Our customer.

3) The ‘Offer’

Provided that:

a. You satisfy all of the eligibility criteria set out in Clause 4;
b. You switch your domestic supply of:

i. Electricity;
ii. Gas; or
iii. Both Electricity and gas;
from another provider to Us (the “Switched Supply”; and

c. You apply for and are accepted by us as eligible for the Offer; then You will receive a credit to your account balance with Us of either £50 if you switch your supply of either electricity or gas to Us; or £100 if you switch your supply of both electricity and gas to Us (the “Credit”).

We may apply the relevant Credit to your account in part payments at intervals of Our choosing during the first twelve months of the term of your contract with Us for your Switched Supply (provided always that at the end of the first twelve months of the term of your contract for the Switched Supply, the full amount of the Credit due to You will have been applied to your account by Us).

For the avoidance of doubt your contract for the Switched Supply shall remain in full force and effect with Us after the first twelve months (unless duly terminated earlier by You or Us in accordance with our standard terms and conditions for the supply of gas and electricity as the case may be) but no further Credits will be applied pursuant to this Offer.

The discount will be applied to your account balance and for the avoidance of doubt we will not make cash payments to You in lieu of credits.

4) Eligibility criteria

The Offer is only available to people who:

a. are new Feed-in Tariff Scheme customers of Ours (joined Good Energy prior to 23rd July 2018) at the point of applying for the Offer; b. agree to take a Switched Supply under our standard terms and conditions of supply with Us between [LAUNCH DATE ] 23rd July 2018 and 15th December 2018;
c. quote “Fit18” at the point of sign up for a Switched Supply;
d. have meter profiles 1-2 (domestic);
e. live at a UK mainland address and are a UK resident; and
f. are aged 18 or over; and
g. do not fall into any categories of ineligible individuals set out in clause 5.

5) Ineligible individuals

Our Offer is not available to:

a. Our employees or their immediate families or households;
b. customers who do not satisfy the criteria set out in clause 4;
c. customers with pre-payment meters or smart meters operating in “prepayment” mode;
d. customers whose meter is de-energised
e. people who are already our wonderful gas and/or electricity customers (thanks)! or
f. people who are in the process of switching to us already and are awaiting a supply start date.

6) General Conditions

This Offer can’t be used alongside any other promotion which We may make available from time to time.

Only one Offer is available per household.

We are unable to supply households in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

By applying for the Offer, You confirm that you are eligible under these Terms and Conditions to do so. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.

7) Cancellation of the Offer

The Offer will not be honoured if You decide to cancel the application before the Switched Supply goes live, before we have issued you with your first quarterly bill for the Switched Supply or if We are unable to provide the supply of mains electricity or gas to your property.

In the event you cancel your Switched Supply before the first twelve months of Our contract with You, then we reserve the right to cancel any part of the Credit not yet applied to your account.

We reserve the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Offer where it becomes necessary to do so at any time without notice to you. The decision to accept You and determine your eligibility is determined wholly in Our opinion acting reasonably.

8) Switching from another supplier

We will not accept any liability for costs or liabilities incurred by You or for any losses that You suffer as a result of switching to Us from Your existing energy supplier.

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