SMART Fintry

We're working with communities to shape the future of energy in the UK.

Smart Fintry is a smart-grid project in the Scottish village of Fintry that aims to match local electricity supply and demand. Using combination of emerging and market-tested smart technologies, the project will balance electricity generated by local renewables with energy consumed by local households.

We’re working alongside a consortium of commercial, academic and local partners: including Veitch Cooper, Energy Assets, Heriot Watt University, Fintry Development Trust and the local community, to help deliver this UK-first project.

Almost one third of households in Fintry have also signed up to participate, as well as four local renewable generators.

Together, we’ll be reducing strain on the electricity grid, driving down bills, and enabling households to take more active control of their energy use.

For two years running, the project had been awarded funding by Local Energy Scotland’s ‘Local Energy Challenge Fund’, managed on behalf of The Scottish Government. Smart Fintry will provide a blueprint for policy makers and other communities across the UK to deploy similar schemes to support a smart, flexible, decentralized energy future, with the consumer at its heart.

Did you know that network costs make up over a quarter of the price you pay for your electricity?*

These regulated charges relate to the costs of maintaining the wires that carry electricity up and down the country from power stations to homes. We're trialling different local energy models to explore options for a fairer charging system in the UK, to deliver benefits for customers.

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