How do you engage children in climate change?

Engaging children in climate change can feel like a big challenge, but we at Good Energy think it is an important challenge that is well worth taking on.

To do just that, we created our Message from the Future competition to get children thinking about what climate change means and how it might impact their future. Our competition asked school children to envision themselves in a future affected by climate change, and to communicate a message back to themselves in the present day with some ideas about what they could do now to protect the environment. 

Our winners

Our winners were St Philomena’s school. For their prize, the winning class spent two days at the Eden Project with our CEO, Juliet Davenport, learning about climate change and the role of energy in it. They also got the chance to give us their thoughts on what the future might look like.

Our tips to engage children in climate change

Climate change is a huge topic, and it can feel unapproachable for some children. Our CEO Juliet gives her top three tips on how to approach the subject and get the next generation thinking about climate change in a meaningful, accessible way.

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