Eden Project and Good Energy

Eden Project and Good Energy have been working together since 2014. We supply their iconic site with renewable electricity generated from sun, wind and water, and work closely with Eden on their journey to becoming carbon positive.

Eden Project welcomes one million visitors each year, inviting them to see their place in the world differently and to embrace the idea that change is possible.


As the ‘Official Energy Partner’ of the Eden Sessions, Good Energy literally is the power behind our summer concerts, where tens of thousands of music lovers enjoy world-class acts against the backdrop of their renowned Biomes, once the site of a disused clay pit.


Eden's vision is to create a future that we all want to live in by inspiring new audiences to see the world with awe and wonder, but also make them aware of the jeopardy and the urgent need to act.


Through their beautiful gardens and architecture, built in ‘a hole in the ground’, and through inspirational live events such as the Sessions, Eden aim to demonstrate hope and that, by acting together, transformation is possible.

The next chapter in this story of regeneration is to show to Eden Project visitors how clean, green technology can power Cornwall – as they start to build a geothermal plant on the site, using heat from the granite underground. Its success will pave the way for a second well and electricity plant, so that by 2023 Eden should be exporting enough renewable electricity and heat to wipe out its carbon footprint.


Eden's belief is that no one organisation can change the world on its own. The Eden Project and Good Energy partnership is key in their journey towards becoming carbon positive and in demonstrating the possible. By working together to create a future where smart solutions to deliver energy storage, self-supply of renewable electricity and building analytics can become a part of everyday life for us all.