Earth Day 2018:
End Plastic Pollution

Founded in 1970, Earth Day is the world's largest environmental movement. On April 22 2018, Earth Day will be focused on drawing attention to the plight of plastic pollution around the world. The Earth Day Network estimates that around 1 billion people in 195 countries will come together on Earth Day to take a stand against plastic pollution and the harmful effects it has on the environment, human and animal health. 

Did you know that every minute, one bin lorry's worth of plastic waste is dumped into the world's oceans? This is having a huge impact on the quality of life for marine creatures, from killing off the coral reefs that are home to 25% of aquatic species, to choking fish that mistake plastic waste for food. It's also beginning to affect humans, as microplastics are increasingly finding their way into our drinking water.

Ocean plastic contributes negatively to climate change too, which is just one more reason why we want to get involved with the conversation around Earth Day and its aim to end plastic pollution. The ocean has absorbed around 40% of carbon emissions since the beginning of the Industrial Era, which, whilst mitigating some of the effects of global warming, has led to increased acidification of the water. Plastic pollution only adds to this problem. As such, we should be looking to decrease our carbon emissions just as much as we fight to prevent plastic pollution. 

Earth Day is all about protecting the one Earth we have, and looking for ways to create a cleaner, greener future.

How can you get involved in Earth Day 2018?

  1. Head over to Earth Day's website and pledge your 'Act of Green' - help them reach 3 billion! You can also register to get your plastic pollution primer and action toolkit.
  2. Get your running gear on and go for a plog (that's a jog where you pick up rubbish)
  3. Start taking steps to go plastic free. Invest in a reusable cup for your takeaway coffees, or start saying no to plastic straws with drinks. These small things are an easy way to get started.
  4. Find out if there's an Earth Day event near you
  5. Read our report on the real cost of fossil fuels to see the impact all sorts of pollution is having on the world

Some stats for Earth Day 2018...

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