Who is my network operator?

There are eight gas distribution networks (GDN) in Great Britain. Each GDN is responsible for distributing gas within their region.

These GDNs are governed by four network companies:

  • National Grid Gas plc
  • Northern Gas Networks Limited
  • Wales & West Utilities Limited
  • SGN



Emergency contact numbers

Not all properties are supplied through the four network operators above. You may instead be supplied through an independent gas transporter (IGT).

Pipelines around the UK supply gas to millions of homes and the majority of these pipes are owned and operated by the Gas Distribution Network. However, where there is a new housing or commercial development, these are often supplied by independent gas transporters (IGTs) that connect to the Gas Distribution Network. It is estimated 1 million homes use an IGT network.

How do you know if you have and IGT Meter? Check your gas supply number, otherwise known as the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). Gas supply numbers/MPRNs beginning with the number 74, 75, 76, or 77 are IGT UK numbers, all others belong to the GDN companies. If you are not sure of your MPRN you can use Meter Point Administration’s online service, Find My Supplier, or call them on 0870 6081524.

Whether your gas is transported via the GDN or an IGT, Good Energy can supply the gas to your property.



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