Good Energy meter reading services

Good Energy meter readings are carried out by Lowri Beck.


How will I recognise a Lowri Beck employee?

  • All Lowri Beck employees will explain to you that they are representing Good Energy when they arrive and will display their ID badge.
  • If no one is at home when they call, all Lowri Beck employees will leave a card to let you know they have visited.
  • Lowri Beck meter readers use their own vehicles with metallic, magnetic Lowri Beck signs applied to their front doors.


How often will my meter be read?

We plan to read your meter twice a year, but if you want to provide us with your own meter readings, you can call us or download our meter reading app.


Can I find out more about Lowri Beck’s background/ethics?

The company is a UK independent business support services company providing metering solutions, business solutions and field management solutions.

Good Energy aims to work with like-minded businesses who share our own ethics and approach to the environment as far as possible, within the constraints imposed by the business. We have seen Lowri Beck’s CSR report and are happy that it meets our standards.


Will they read my gas and electricity meters at the same time?

We are working with them to try and ensure that they do.


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