Annual statement FAQs

What is an Annual Statement?

Your annual statement summarises your electricity and gas usage for the last 12 months. It will also show you your projected usage for the coming year and a copy of your Tariff Information Label (TIL), which gives you the main details of your tariff.


How is this different to a bill?

Your annual statement is a summary of the last 12 months and a projection of the next 12 months, whereas your bill states charges, amount owed, and payments received for a set billing period.


Why are these being sent separately from my bills?

Ofgem regulations state that your annual statements are sent separately from your usual bills. If you have both your gas and electricity supply with Good Energy then your annual statement for each supply may be sent together.


How and when will I get my annual statement?

You will need to have been a customer of Good Energy for at least 12 months before you receive an annual statement. We will send you your statements annually near the anniversary of the date you switched to us. You’ll receive your annual statement in the same way that you receive your bills – if you have signed up to receive your bills via our online service, your statement will be available here too. Please click here if you would like to register for an online account. If we are currently working to resolve a query or complaint, there may be a delay in receiving your annual statement.


I’m a dual fuel customer, why have I only received one Annual Statement?

This is probably because your supplies switched on different dates. If only one of your supplies has been with Good Energy for the necessary 12 months then you will only receive an Annual Statement for this supply. Annual Statements are produced for each supply on the anniversary of each supply start date.


How is my Annual Statement calculated?

Your Annual statement usage is calculated based on:

  • Number of kWhs used over the last year  
  • Current tariff and any additional charges such as VAT


Your projected usage is calculated based on:

  • Number of kWhs used over the last year
  • The current and/or default tariff applicable for the coming year (if your current tariff is coming to an end)  


Is the statement based on actual or estimated readings?

Where possible, we use actual meter readings that have been taken over the last 12 months. If we don’t have meter readings, we calculate an estimate based on previous usage. If we have used estimated readings then your actual energy usage may be higher or lower than these. To ensure that we are calculating your energy usage correctly, we would recommend that you provide regular meter readings. These also help us to make sure your bills are accurate.


Why are there gaps in my energy usage?

If there are gaps showing in your energy usage it's because we haven’t received actual readings during that period. Our graph is calculated using meter readings that we have billed to. If no meter readings exist this shows as a gap on the graph. If gaps exist, this means we’ve used estimated readings for these periods to calculate your estimated future cost. You’ll find this cost to the right of the graph.


Why does the graph show a negative value?

If a meter reading was provided and we’ve billed you based on this, and later a much lower reading was provided, your overall usage will show as a negative on your graph. This could mean that one of the meter readings provided wasn’t accurate, which we’ll be happy to look into for you. Please contact our Customer Care team on 0800 254 0000.


What do my results show me?

Your results are to help you understand:

  • How much energy you’re using
  • What this has cost you
  • How much you could be saving

Your electricity and gas usage are measured in kilowatt hours (kWh).

The more energy efficient your household appliances are, the more you’ll get out of your kilowatt hour. You can find more information on how to be energy efficient here.

Where you see information displayed about your electricity or gas usage, this doesn’t include any fixed or non-usage charges/services you may incur.


Will my Direct Debit go up as a result of my annual statement?

No. Your Direct Debit will be reviewed separately, depending on when your supply first switched to us. If you’re concerned that your current Direct Debit is either too high or too low for your usage then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to review your amounts sooner, based on an up-to-date meter read.


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