Account updates – Spring 2020

Account updates  

We’ve made some updates to our domestic customer accounts. You don’t need to do anything differently, but you might notice that things look a bit different.  

We’ve answered some common questions here, but if you need any help talk to our Clean Energy Specialists by email on or call us on 0800 254 0000.   

What’s happening? 

We’re making some updates to the way we manage our customer accounts. This is just for our domestic customers at the moment.  

Most of the changes are in the background to help us make sure our service is as straightforward as it is green. You probably won’t notice any differences at first. But, over time you should notice improvements to your online account. It will also be easier to quickly reduce your carbon footprint by receiving all your messages and updates from us by email.  

We’re making the changes gradually, and your account will continue to operate normally throughout.  

Do I need to do anything differently? 

No. There’s nothing you need to do, we’ll make all the changes in the background.  

I’ve started receiving emails from Is that you? 

Yes. This is the new email address we’ll be using to send you important information about your account like bills and meter read requests. You can also email our team using this address with any questions – they will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.  

Emails from us always come from addresses ending We’ll never ask you for confidential information in an email. If you think an email might be a scam, please email the team on or call us on 0800 254 0000.   

I don’t receive any emails from you. Why not? 

We want to make sure you hear from us. There’s a couple of things to check if you aren’t receiving any 

  • Check your junk folder and make sure is added to your contacts or safe senders list.  
  • Check we have the right email address for you. You can send your email address to or give the team a call on 0800 254 0000.   

Has my account number changed? 

Yes, as part of the updates your account number may have changed. You don’t need to do anything differently - account numbers are really only for our team and system 

You can still use your email address to login to your online account or our app. And we’ll use your post code to identify you when you call. If you regularly use the same phone number, we’ll save that to our records so we know it’s you calling. When they answer, the Clean Energy Specialist will have your details in front of them and be able to get straight to helping with your question.  

Of course, we take your security very seriously, so we might sometimes ask a couple of security questions to make sure we’re talking to you.  

Are you changing my statements/bills? 

Your tariff, Direct Debit and terms and conditions remain the same. But you might notice a change to when we send you a statement 

We’ll start sending you a statement when you send us a meter reading. Automatically generated statements tend to rely on estimates of how much energy you’ve used. That isn’t always accurate. By asking you for a regular meter reading we make sure your payments cover your actual energy use. It also helps us work with our 1,500 renewable generators to match every socket, charger and appliance in your home.  

We’ll send you a statement within a few days of a meter reading. If you send a meter reading very close to your Direct Debit date, we’ll wait for this to clear before sending you an up to date statement.  

If you don’t submit regular meter readings, we’ll send you a statement based on your estimated energy use.

You can submit a meter reading on our app or using It only takes two minutes.

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