guaranteed standard of performance

Treating people fairly is at the heart of how we operate, this page outlines our plan to guarantee everyone benefits from this approach.

(for domestic and micro-business customers)

Our working hours

  • Monday to Friday 9am–5pm (Working Day)


When you contact us to book an appointment, you can expect:

  • We will offer you an appointment on a date that is convenient for you. We’ll let you know straight away whether we can’t offer this.
  • The appointment itself will be in a timeslot of up to 4 hours long and should take place within working hours.
  • We’ll give you at least one working days’ notice if we need to rearrange an appointment, unless we have your consent to rearrange the appointment at shorter notice.

If we don’t keep to these promises we will pay you £30.

Faulty meters

Please contact us if you have reason to believe that your meter is faulty. If, based on your consumption, we think your meter is faulty, we’ll contact you and take steps to look into possible issues with it.

Depending on the type of meter that you have we will do the following;

Credit meter

Within 5 working days of the initial contact, we will:

  • Complete an initial assessment to determine if your meter is faulty.
  • Take appropriate action if the assessment suggests your meter is faulty (for example, replace it or fix it remotely).

Please note, if you tell us about a fault outside of our working hours, the 5 working day time frame will begin at the start of the next working day.

Prepayment meter

If your account is in credit and you’ve lost your power supply, or you think your prepayment meter is faulty, please tell us as soon as you can. Here’s what will happen next:

  • If you contact us on a working day we will arrive at your property within 3 hours or fix the issue remotely within 3 hours.
  • If you contact us on a non-working day we will arrive to your property within 4 hours to fix the issue

If we can’t keep to any of the above commitments, we will pay you £30.


In some rare circumstances it may be appropriate for us to disconnect your supply (for example, if you have unpaid charges). If – once you’ve paid any overdue charges or agreed to a payment plan – we agree to reconnect your supply, we will do so within 24 hours. If we receive this request outside of our working hours we will reconnect your supply on the next working day.

If we can’t keep to the above timeframes we will pay you £30.

When will we pay compensation?

  • If we fail to meet any of the standards of performance which we have outlined above we will pay compensation to you within 10 Working Days. If we don’t pay you within the 10 working day timeframe we will pay you a further £30.

When won’t we pay compensation?

  • Where we are disputing with you whether we are obliged to make a payment
  • If you tell us that you no longer wish us to act on an issue
  • Where your supply meter has been interfered with or tampered with
  • If we are unable to access your property or meter
  • If we can’t come to your property because of factors outside of our control (such as severe weather or if we’re prevented from doing so by someone who is not an employee or representative of our organisation)

Gas Transporters and Electricity Distributors

Your Gas Transporter or Electricity Distributor may occasionally be required to make compensation payments to you as a result of a shortfall in their services or an issue which you report. For more details on these issues and the guaranteed standards of performance to which the Gas Transporter or Electricity Distributor should adhere, please refer to their individual websites. Occasionally we may pass on a compensation payment which is owed to you by these parties. We will aim to do this within 10 Working Days and if we fail to do so, we will pay you an additional £30.

To find out who the electricity distribution network operator, or gas transporter is for your area, and their contact details, please visit the Energy Networks Association website (note, this link takes you to an external website).

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