The clock’s ticking on the climate crisis. We need action and we need it now.  

The world’s biggest conference on the climate crisis, COP26, is happening in the UK this November. World leaders are gathering to discuss action plans to prevent climate breakdown. But they’re not the only ones who can make a difference.  

We can all create a greener future. Use your energy for climate action – whether that’s switching to 100% renewable electricity, reducing the impact of your diet or how you travel, or supporting organisations that stand up for people and planet. 

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What is COP26 and why should you care?

COP stands for Conference of the Parties. The next conference will be the 26th. Hence COP26.

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COP26: What are we trying to achieve and how?

After yet another year of record-breaking temperatures, flash floods, and wildfires, climate activists anxiously await the UN’s 26th conference on climate change, where world leaders once again reveal their plans to tackle the climate crisis.

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How to be more activist in the lead up to COP26

Discover how to take part in climate action during COP26 and beyond.

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COP26: All eyes are on the hosts, but can the UK deliver when it matters most?

From the Olympics to the G7, the UK has vast experience delivering some of the most important events on the world stage.

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Climate change glossary

Know your carbon emissions from your greenhouse gases with our glossary explaining some of the most commonly used words about climate change.

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