Our partnership with Hometree is the first step towards greener heating

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Posted on: 18.09.2020

Good Energy’s founding purpose back in 1999 was to give people the power to fight climate change. That purpose is more relevant than ever, and it is central to how we the business is run.

As we think about the future of energy there are three areas we need to tackle: heat, transport, and electricity. The journey to zero emissions means supporting our customers to do their bit across all three.

That is the reason why we have recently announced a new tie-up with insurance tech company Hometree. This partnership is important because it allows our customers to access cheaper and more efficient heating.

Hometree offers a range of services which make our home heating as efficient as possible. An annual boiler service, for example, can improve efficiency by up to 15%, which not only saves people money, but cuts carbon emissions as well. Taking advantage of these services will reduce energy consumption and have less impact on the planet.

Hometree is the UK’s top-rated boiler, heating and home care company on TrustPilot. And we support its “no price-hike promise”, which puts an end to frustrating and unnecessary price increases.

It’s vital that we respond to the new normal and give our customers the reassurance that their heating is in tip-top condition

Another benefit from joining forces with Hometree is the reassurance it can provide during anxious times. We know that more people than ever are now working from home and the amount of energy they are using is going up. And as we enter the autumn and winter months this will only continue. While many of us would normally be spending cold winter mornings in a warm office, we are now looking to make our homes more comfortable instead.

It’s vital that we respond to the new normal and give our customers the reassurance that their heating is in tip-top condition and they aren’t wasting money. If you would like some further energy-saving advice, take a look at one of our recent blogs on the issue. Turning down your heating by just one degree can have an impact on your bill.

Working with Hometree is part of this energy-saving push. Good Energy is busy working on new ideas and solutions to create the zero-carbon home of the future. This will include using the next generation of smart meters, roof-top solar panels, and home storage. In the meantime, we are taking the first step towards greener heating in our homes.

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