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Posted on: 24.10.2018

Most of us want to be good. We recycle, avoid single-use plastics, use reusable shopping bags.

That’s what our new marketing campaign is all about.

We want switching to clean power to be another way you’re being good.

For our customers, that’s already the case. But it turns out there’s a lot of us who try to do the right thing when it comes to the environment, but for whatever reason, don’t. Research we’re revealing for the campaign shows that 85% of people have good ‘green intentions’, but only a minority of people — 49% — describe themselves as ‘ecowarriors’, who actively do their bit.

That leaves more than a third of us in ‘The Good Gap’. People who want to help tackle climate change, but don’t.

We think that’s because sometimes it’s just too difficult. Making lifestyle changes like changing your car, home or diet can be really challenging to do for many reasons. But the good news is that switching to clean power is not only the easiest thing you can do to help tackle climate change, it’s also one of the most significant things.

Check out the video, and please share it with your friends, if you think they’ll want to be good too.

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Ian McKee

Senior Communications Manager

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