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Posted on: 02.02.2018

From humble beginnings at a 1998 festival, innocent is now the UK and Europe’s number one smoothie brand. 

They believe that everything they make should taste good, but they also want to do good too. That’s why they have chosen to be powered by 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy.

We recently went along to Fruit Towers to meet Office Superman, Jasper and Sustainability Officer, Katie, to hear more about their commitment to being green.

Why 100% renewables and why Good Energy?

A Good Energy customer since August 2017, we asked Jasper and Katie why they wanted to be powered by 100% renewable electricity.

Katie told us how they were already seeing the impact of climate change in their supply chain. Mango harvests, for example, have been affected by severe weather events.

"It’s imperative that everybody does something, even if it's just a small thing like taking the stairs instead of the lift." she told us. "That's why we chose for our offices to be powered by renewable electricity. It's part of our commitment to do our bit to keep climate change below 2 degrees." 

“Good Energy really came out to be the most approachable energy provider; and working with you has felt really natural.” Added Jasper.

Don't think climate change is happening to someone else, it is happening to us.

Pairing innocent with local renewable generators

The team at innocent are particularly keen on Good Energy’s online energy trading platform, Selectricity; which helps them to match their energy use with our network of local generators.

“We really like Selectricity. It makes energy so interactive!” said Jasper.

“It’s a really amazing touch that you can specify which generators and what type of energy you are using. It makes energy this tangible product instead of something that just comes down the wires.”

Selectricity has also helped innocent to identify and reduce their energy usage.

“We use it to track our energy use over the week – and we noticed that were a couple of non-essential items still on over the weekend,” said Jasper. “Even if we’re only saving electricity on half a day at the weekend, we're saving a lot over a year." 

Energy efficiency at Fruit Towers

We asked Jasper and Katie what else they do to drive energy efficiency, and they told us about eco features around Fruit Towers, like the Last Leaver Lever and the Fresh Air Light.

“The last person on each floor to leave for the day pulls the Last Leaver Lever. It turns off all non-essential power, like monitors, lights, clocks and printers, but leaves on anything vital like our servers.

"We believe that reducing our energy use even by a small amount can have a big impact in the long run,” said Katie.

“And our Fresh Air Lights tell us when it’s more energy efficient to simply open the windows for natural heating or cooling, instead of using aircon and heating.” 

Doing good worldwide

At innocent, a desire to do good is reflected in everything they do.

“We’re proud to say that all of our bananas come from Rainforest Alliance accredited farms,” Katie told us, “and we make sure we source our fruit from suppliers that go the extra mile in terms of looking after their workers and the environment.”

“We donate 10% of our profits to charity, and we run the high profile ‘big knit campaign’ to help fight loneliness among the older generations.”

As a company, innocent does its bit to help people live well and die old

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