A supercharged partnership with The Eden Project

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Posted on: 29.11.2017

Today we’re announcing our plans to deliver a huge first, in partnership with educational charity and green pioneers, the Eden Project.

Planned for summer 2018, we’ll be installing our first bespoke battery service solution at Eden Project HQ in Cornwall.

Pictured: Peter Wroe, Finance Director at Eden Project and Randall Bowen, Director of Business Services, Good Energy

Solving a renewable problem

The most basic problem with renewable energy is clear: intermittent supply. The wind does not always blow, and the sun does not always shine (especially not here in the UK).

Batteries can help to smooth this supply of green power, making it available when we want to use it, and storing it when we don’t.

That’s why battery storage is so important for the future, and why the Eden Project are so excited about the prospect of getting their own dedicated storage solution. It will help them to match energy demand with supply.

A giant battery

The battery to be installed will be the size of small car, made up by a combination of five 50kW units, each roughly the size of a household fridge, and a control centre.

Once installed, Eden plan to create a new exhibit around it so that their visitors can learn about how the battery works and how it benefits the environment.

A battery powered future

This is our first venture into the battery storage market, marking a new direction for us. So watch this space!

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