Meet the family who have won a lifetime's supply of 100% renewable electricity

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Posted on: 31.10.2017

Advertised on nearly two million Wyke Farms cheese packs, and with over 19,000 entries, our competition to win a lifetime’s 100% renewable electricity has come to a close.

And the lucky winners?

The Eccles family, who live in Gloucestershire.

A self-confessed ‘Green’ family, the Eccles have been proud Good Energy customers for five years. They’re passionate about being sustainable, and are rather partial to Wyke Farm's mature and vintage cheddar. That’s where Becca found the sticker advertising the competition.

When she found out she had won in July, Becca told us that she never normally entered competitions - and only did so as it was between two local sustainable brands that she loved. 

We’re really passionate about supporting local businesses like Wyke Farms and Good Energy. I'm over the moon to have won a lifetime of renewable electricity!

On Monday, Becca and her family headed to Somerset’s Wyke Farms to collect their prize: enough renewable electricity to make 1.5 million slices of cheese on toast.

Family owned for more than 150 years, Wyke Farms operates 100% on renewable energy, generated by their own solar panels and enormous biogas plant.

The Eccles family enjoyed a tour around the dairy – and were fascinated to see the different stages that milk needs to go through before it becomes cheese or butter.  What was most interesting to hear was that cheese matures for up to two years in a cold room – and that the Cheese Grader’s nose is valued at £5 million.

The children left armed with the method of making butter at home from cream – a potentially messy but educational experience!

After the tour of the dairy, the family headed to Wyke Farms Sustainable Energy Centre.

The Clothier family make enough gas and electric for all their cheese-making and farming operation needs, as well as enough to offset back to the national grid.

They were greeted by Wyke Farms’ Renewable Energy Manager, James Barwick; he explained how the plant transformed waste such as manure, local apple pomace and even excess whey from the cheese-making process into pure, clean energy. 

The by-product of this process is a leftover natural fertilizer, called Digestate, which is ploughed back into the farmland.

We love the fact that not only are we self-sustainable, we can also help others be green too by supplying our excess renewable energy to Good Energy's customers, just like Becca.

Said Richard Clothier, Managing Director of Wyke Farms.

Ben Ross, Partnerships Manager at Good Energy, went along to Wyke Farms to present Becca with her prize.

“We’re delighted to present Becca and her family with a lifetime of electricity, worth over £22,000.

"Our mission has always been to inspire people to make a personal contribution to reducing climate change – and going renewable can cut your carbon footprint in half.”

Becca’s lifetime of renewable electricity will prevent approximately 43 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the environment. If you’re inspired to switch to 100% renewable electricity, find out more at

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