Chutney, pickle and renewable energy sauces

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Posted on: 13.10.2017

Based in the heart of Wiltshire, Tracklements is a well-loved creator of over 60 award winning condiments. Like Good Energy, they are passionate about sustainability; and are both a business customer and a generator of ours.

Guy Tullberg, Managing Director of The Tracklements Company tells us more.

What is Tracklements in a sentence?

Tracklements provide the extra part of the meal that makes the meal.

We hand-make a range of over 60 artisan relishes, chutneys, mustards and sauces here in our Wiltshire factory – from the UK’s first onion marmalade to a punchy balsamic mustard to a delicious rich redcurrant jelly.

How did Tracklements come about?

Tracklements was started by my father in 1970. He was in the meat business, and he started out by making condiments to go alongside the meat he prepared. He was actually the first UK manufacturer to create a classic wholegrain mustard, which he made to accompany sausages.

Now, 40 years later, we make around 12 thousand jars of Tracklements every day!  

Can you describe the journey your most popular condiment takes?

I have a great emotional attachment to our Original Onion Marmalade. What I love about it is that we go from fresh onions in the morning to finished jars of lovingly handmade marmalade in the afternoon. 

We start with a delivery of fresh onions at around 9am. These are sliced and go into our cookers, where the mixture is hand-stirred, reduced and caramelised for around three hours.  

Finally, we put the warm marmalade into jars, which are then ready to be sent out to our suppliers all over the UK.  

What is your favourite way to enjoy Tracklements?

When I’m at home, we have this thing where my family shout out: “Get the sauces!” I am charged with this task five minutes before everybody sits down, because it adds that extra bit to that social occasion with friends and family. Food is for sharing, and we are a little part of that.

Why is home made so important?

It’s very hard to sell being ‘home made’ on the back of a jar, but that is exactly what we do.

When you pick up a jar of Tracklements; when you open it and taste it; the way that you would imagine that jar to be made is exactly what we do. We are a grown up kitchen – so we can make many thousands of jars a day – but we make it just like you would at home only in bigger quantities! We always say that one of our best ingredients is our time. It’s the time we put in as well as the other raw materials.

What made you want to be powered by 100% renewable electricity?

Sustainability is really important to us in all of its guises. We like to be sustainable in how we employ people, how we buy our raw materials, and how we transact with to our long term suppliers. It was just a logical next step that we extended our focus on sustainability to our electricity too. We love the fact that we can generate our own electricity using our solar panels; and we are proud that this is backed up with 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy – a company that shares our values and ideals.

We continually look for more ways to improve our sustainability credentials. We believe that this is not only the right thing to do, it is also the sensible and sustainable thing to do.

What do you enjoy about working with Good Energy?

We like working with Good Energy because we feel we are very similar businesses. We both believe in local supply, protecting the environment and sustainability. Good Energy feels like a people business, and we at Tracklements are a people business.

We know that Good Energy is still going to be there for the future.

How have you benefitted from having solar panels on your roof?

We installed our first solar panels in 2013 and added to them in 2014. This means that in the height of summer, we can operate 100% on home grown electricity. We’ve arranged our factory hours around sunlight hours, so even in winter we are able to mainly use electricity we have generated. It’s great to know that when the sun isn’t shining, we are still being powered by 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy. 

Find out more about Tracklements and view their delicious range here

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