Furthering our partnership with the National Trust

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Posted on: 13.09.2017

At Good Energy, we’re dedicated to doing our bit for the planet.

Since 2012, we’ve been working with our friends at the National Trust as their green energy partner, helping them to meet their goal of sourcing 50% of their energy from renewables by 2020 and encouraging their members to make the switch to Good Energy.

Marking five years of partnership

To mark five years of being partners, a team of 20 from our marketing and partnerships team left 4G behind them as they volunteered their time to help out at the National Trust’s beautiful Dyrham Park estate near Bath.

One of over 500 estates managed by the National Trust, Dyrham Park is a 17th Century house set in 270 acres of park land, formal gardens and orchards.

The remit for the day?

Help to get the grounds into shape ahead of the autumn by tackling the bigger jobs that only a large team of willing volunteers can achieve.


Using our energy for good

The first tasks of the day divided the perfectionists and the energetic:

The perfectionists in the team turned their hand to edging the lawns in the formal gardens...

...While the energetic volunteered for wood cutting and shifting.

Raking in the orchard

Next up was raking in the orchard, led by Pippa Churcher, a member of the National Trust's Outdoor Team at Dyrham Park.

"We rely on lots of volunteers to help us do our important work - looking after places of great historical and natural importance on behalf of the nation" said Pippa.

"Raking leaves in the orchard is a really important job: it allows the grass to grow evenly and healthily and prevents the build up of any fungus."

"It was great to have the Good Energy team come and lend a hand - the orchard looks fantastic after a hard day of work!"


Bulb bagging

After lunch, bulb bagging was on the cards.

Hyacinth and tulip bulbs from the previous spring had been dug up, but needed to be separated into bags which will dry out in the attics of Dyrham House. These bulbs will be sold to the public for a donation next spring, or re-planted within the grounds.

A rewarding day strengthening our partnership

Overall it was an incredibly rewarding day for Good Energy, and so interesting to see all the work that needs to go on behind the scenes at every single National Trust estate. Hannah Darby, our Director of Domestic Customers & Marketing, said:

“We had a fantastic day at Dyrham. It was a perfect opportunity to use our energy for good, and to strengthen our partnership with the National Trust even further.”   

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