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Posted on: 06.07.2017

In May 2017, we were delighted to sponsor the Hay Festival for the fourth year running, and we were especially proud to power the festival for the first time.

Once again, we had a fantastic time hosting our own talks and hearing some brilliant thought-provoking debates, ideas and theories from an eclectic mix of writers, artists and thinkers.

While we wish we could have taken you all with us, we thought we’d provide you with the next best thing: a round-up of our favourite quotes from Hay this year.

If we, as citizens, want to change the system and the world, we need to start with what is its purpose and does it do it well.

David Pitt-Watson, businessman and social entrepreneur

In our talk on ‘Money, Money, Money’, what is it good for, David Pitt-Watson highlighted his belief on how ‘purpose’ should play a hugely important part in businesses and our lifestyle choices going forwards, if we want to change society for the better.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

 Buckminster Fuller, American architect

In the launch of her new book ‘Doughnut Economics’, economist Kate Raworth highlighted some of her inspiration from American architect, author, designer, and inventor, Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller. Recognised as an early environmental activist, Bucky promoted awareness of the Earth's finite resources, and was well known for coining the term "ephemeralization", meaning "doing more with less".

It's easier to blow £500 at a casino than it is to invest £500 to support an ethical, growing company that shares your view of the world.

Juliet Davenport, CEO & founder of Good Energy

In one of our sponsored talks, our very own CEO Juliet highlighted the regulatory challenges that growing companies and small scale investors face in channelling investment due to the ever increasing amount of regulation that businesses have to face. She argued that this needs to change, and change now.

We need to be regenerative designers when it comes to finances, money and climate change, and not to be held back by 20th century designers and thinkers.

Kate Raworth, renegade economist

We were really proud to help launch Kate’s new book (Doughnut Economics) at Hay this year. In it, she focuses on exploring the economic mind-set which she thinks is needed to address the 21st century's social and ecological challenges, including climate change.

Electricity and the electric motor has revolutionised our lives. We use it all the time without even knowing. Electric power has become people literate. This means that the way things are now won’t be the same in two years’ time – just look at how far EVs have come in such a short period of time.

Stephen Fry, Hay Festival President

It was great to hear the thoughts of Hay’s new President, Stephen Fry, on how the internet and its original mantra 'This is for everyone' can work in the increasing digital sphere of social media, hacking and global connectivity. He highlighted how electricity has learnt from changes in society but how the internet, so far, hasn’t.

If it had been Lehman Sisters we never would have been in this mess.

Christine Lagarde, French Finance Minister

The famous investment bank, Lehman Brothers, suffered a spectacular downfall and went bankrupt in 2008. In her talk, Nemat Shafik, former Deputy Governor of the bank of England, quoted Christine Lagarde, who had summed up the difficulties faced in the workplace when it comes to gender inequality, which means a lot to us at Good Energy. At the time Christine Lagarde was France’s Finance Minister – she is now Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.


Did you go to Hay 2017? Did your favourite quote not make our list? Let us know using the hashtag #HayGoodEnergy.

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