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Posted on: 25.05.2017

Good Energy recently played host to actor and comedian, Robert Llewellyn, and his film crew for his YouTube channel Fully Charged. His visit gave us an exciting opportunity to talk to him about what we do and also some of the new innovative infrastructure initiatives that we’re working on at the moment.

Robert Llewellyn talks to our CEO, Juliet Davenport, and Head of Research and Innovation, Will Vooght about a number of topics, including:

  • How our 100% renewable electricity promise works
  • How we see our future in a world of home generation
  • The true cost of renewables
  • Energy storage
  • Energy subsidies
  • And our pioneering online business platform, Selectricity

Good Energy's 100% Renewable Promise

Here at Good Energy, we’re proud to work with and buy power from over 1,400 small renewable generators from all across the UK, who are plugged into the grid and increasing the percentage of green electricity in the system. Every unit of electricity that our customers use will be matched by a unit of renewable electricity that’s put into the grid in this way.

Good Energy as a Peer-to-Peer Platform

But that’s not where it stops. We see a world where more people are generating their own power. A decentralised grid where you buy and sell to and from your community to match demand and shortfalls through a peer-to-peer approach. It’s all about having more control of the power and keeping electricity generation within the UK.

“We become a peer-to-peer platform for generators and customers, almost like the eBay of energy.”

 – Juliet Davenport

Good Energy’s Selectricity

Later in a conversation with Will Vooght, Good Energy’s Head of Research and Innovation, we went into a bit more depth on our new business platform, Selectricity. This allows businesses who have signed up to the platform to choose their power preferences – giving them the opportunity to select local renewable generation from sources that they favour.

Good Energy's Selectricity Platform

Selectricity also allows businesses to see the amount they’re paying per half hour, effectively showing the energy “rush hour”. This has had an unintentional impact of helping businesses shift their usage out of these peak times, reducing their cost and also creating less of a demand during these times.

Since launching our 100% renewable electricity to business customers, as well as households, in the UK, we’ve seen thousands of companies want to join us and switch to a cleaner, greener future.

Recently, this has included our friends at BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Hay Festival, the UK’s leading arts and literature festival, Neal’s Yard Remedies, the organic cosmetics brand and Growing Underground, the zero-carbon urban food growers.

Switching to renewable energy is as easy as an email or a phone call and the simplest step that businesses and households can take to cut their carbon footprint and one of the best solutions to tackle climate change.

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