Using your words to fight climate change

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Posted on: 19.04.2017

Back in 2016, we asked renowned climate poet and performance artist Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner to write a new poem inspired by you, our fantastic supporters and customers.

We wanted you to share the things you considered most precious in your world which you felt were most at risk from climate change.

We had some fantastic and thought-provoking answers ranging from health and family to the loss of beautiful green spaces, wildflowers, butterflies and bees.

Based on these responses, we’re proud to present Kathy’s new poem, ‘The Butterfly Thief’. We think you’ll agree that it’s an amazing example of how the arts can move people towards positive action.

Who is Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner?

Kathy first became known worldwide following her powerful performance at the UN Climate Summit in 2014. Her emotive poem, ‘Dear Matafele Peinem’, was written to her daughter and expressed the threats climate change and rising sea levels pose to her home on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.

“My poetry is the most powerful thing I have to tell communities about the world,” said Kathy.

“I noticed that a lot of the responses I received from the friends of Good Energy mentioned the loss of bees and butterflies. That was really interesting to me so I did some research and found out that there's a distinct connection between climate change and the decline of these species.”

Commenting on the poem, our CEO and founder Juliet Davenport said: “Kathy is a wonderful poet. Her own personal experiences really bring the impact of climate change alive and should inspire people to have hope and take action today. Her work is a fantastic blend of being both poignant and informative.”

Hay Festival inspiration

This new poem has been launched ahead of Good Energy sponsoring the Hay Literature Festival for the fourth year running, where we will be looking once again to show how the arts can explore the issue of climate change and encourage positive action.

Running from the 25th May – 4th June 2017, Hay Festival will this year celebrate its 30th anniversary and we hope you’ll all help us in sharing the poem ahead of the event.

Share the poem on your social media channels using the hashtag #HayGoodEnergy

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