Electric Avenue: Brixton Energy is powering the people

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Posted on: 27.03.2017

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When we think of renewable energy, we may imagine hydro turbines in the mountains of Wales or wind turbines out at sea - but how about solar panels on top of a social housing estate in London?

Brixton consumes us with a vibrant patchwork of colour, culture and busy crowds on the ground, leaving us with little need to look up. However, just above our heads a shift in power is underway.

Brixton Energy is the UK’s first inner-city, community-owned renewable energy project, run by Repowering London. Over the last six years, the not-for-profit organisation has been helping to put solar panels on the roofs of community buildings across South London, giving locals the chance to take power back into their own hands.

Not only is the project helping communities to tackle fuel poverty and increase their community engagement, but it’s also one of the many schemes around the UK helping to cut carbon emissions within some of our most polluted cities.

At Good Energy, we’re proud to include Brixton Energy as one of over 1,000 renewable generators that contribute to our 100% renewable electricity fuel mix.

Recently we caught up with the CEO of Repowering London, Agamemnon Otero, who took us up to the rooftop on the Loughborough Estate, to have a look around and find out more about the project…

What are the social benefits of a decentralised energy system?

Brixton Energy is at the forefront of providing a local, decentralised electricity generation model - with schemes like these becoming more widespread in the UK.

The project has helped the local people reduce their bills and energy consumption, as well as providing them with community energy for lighting public areas and powering the lifts. It has also involved and educated young people in the community from its inception, whilst helping to tackle poverty and crime in the local area.

The future of renewables 

As well as contributing to our fuel mix, Brixton Energy was one of the first participants of Good Energy’s Selectricity service, an online platform that gives businesses the choice of where their renewable electricity is sourced.  The service, launched in November 2016, will eventually be available to everyone.

Technological developments like Selectricity and community projects like these in Brixton are the first step towards decarbonising the grid and helping us to become smarter with our energy.

To find out more about more about Good Energy’s community energy projects and the decentralised movement, take a look at some of our other pages…

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