Bringing offshore wind to our energy mix with DONG Energy

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Posted on: 21.03.2017

Offshore wind is a huge British success story. Since 2010, the sector has attracted over £9.5 billion of investment and now provides employment to 13,000 people across the UK. And by 2015, offshore wind accounted for around a fifth of all UK renewable generation. 

So we’re proud to announce that here at Good Energy, we'll be bringing renewable power generated from offshore wind into our energy mix for the very first time.

From April this year, we’ll be sourcing electricity for our customers from Westermost Rough Wind Farm operated by DONG Energy in the North Sea.

Situated just five miles off the Yorkshire Coast north of Hull, Good Energy will initially be purchasing 12% of the overall output from the 210MW wind farm for a year, enough renewable electricity to power more than 26,000 average homes. 

As part of a wider partnership with DONG Energy going forward, we hope to extend this agreement and increase the percentage we buy over time.

Commenting on the news, Good Energy's CEO, Juliet Davenport, said: ‘We’re delighted to be working with DONG Energy to bring offshore wind power to our customers for the first time.

‘This agreement will help us meet ever-increasing demand for 100% renewable electricity as our customer base continues to grow. Offshore wind will complement the other renewable technologies in our energy mix, such as onshore wind and solar, so this agreement is a great fit for Good Energy and a good deal for our customers.


 ‘DONG Energy is a world leader in offshore wind who shares our passion for innovation in renewable energy, so we’re really looking forward to working together to build on this initial agreement.’

Søren Scherfig, Head of Trading & Portfolio Management at DONG Energy, commented: ‘We have an ambition to support the energy transformation in UK and become one of the UK's leading energy suppliers to industrial & commercial customers and independent retailers. We want to supply sustainable, reliable and affordable energy to our customers.”

‘This agreement with Good Energy is an important milestone as it’s the first time a domestic supplier in the UK will buy energy from a specific DONG Energy offshore wind farm’.

We can't wait to see what exciting things happen next!

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