Good Energy’s performance in 2016

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Posted on: 21.03.2017

Today Good Energy published its preliminary set of annual results for 2016 and they show that we had a solid year, with the company continuing to grow sustainably.

We have had growth across all customers, with strong growth in supplies to business customers and Feed-in Tariff (FIT) services. 2016 also saw us increase the amount of our own renewable generation output within the year.

But it has been a tough year. Competition in the energy market is fiercer than ever – there are now around 50 suppliers fighting for customers, and in the last three months we saw the wholesale price of energy jump up to some of the highest levels for years.

The company has stayed resilient throughout this period.

We have also managed to continue to invest in customer systems and people to build foundations for growth, in particular by bolstering our digital capabilities.

We continued our tradition of innovation by launching Selectricity and Green Gas; and we gave our customers the chance to once again buy shares in the company in the summer, when we launched our fifth customer share offer.

So I’m pleased that we are able to prove that renewable energy is still a great business sector with excellent prospects.

Our continued growth really is all thanks to our incredible customers. You are the individuals and businesses who can have a significant impact on our purpose – which is to really get the low carbon economy working and achieve our dreams.

I’m really proud of the fact that many of our customers are shareholders. It shows how much our customers believe in what we’re trying achieve.

The focus for 2017 is to fully implement our new customer system, ensuring that we use the system to its maximum potential and to help customers really feel its benefits.

Good Energy has been going for 18 years and we’re looking forward to many more years of sustainable growth with our customers at the heart of it.

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