Transport just a vicious cycle? Try Co-bikes

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Posted on: 28.02.2017

You might have heard of Boris bikes. What if we told you that Exeter has a renewably-powered version?

Co-bikes is the UK’s first on-street electric bike sharing network that’s pioneering a new approach to inner-city transport.  

It’s a subsection of Co-cars – the largest hire car club in the south west. As a business, Co-cars strives to provide services that ‘change the way people move’.  

Its mission revolves around decreasing carbon emissions and providing sustainable transport solutions, so introducing electric bikes powered by Good Energy’s renewable electricity felt like a natural next step for them.  

Co-cars Managing Director, Mark Hodgson said,

“We all know that our cities are becoming more congested and spread out. A travel revolution is needed to help people more easily, quickly, enjoyably, and affordably reach their destinations. Electric bikes are the catalyst for this change.”   

Renewable pedal power

Last year, the team chose to launch the sharing service in Exeter as the city is fairly widespread – and very hilly!  

The hills mean it’s physically demanding to ride a normal bike around the city; Co-bikes providing electric-powered bikes has meant that individuals of all shapes and sizes can now choose a viable alternative to driving –  and it’s better for the environment too!

Mr. Hodgson said,

“Choosing Good Energy to power our bikes was a no brainer. Their 100% renewable electricity means we can provide a truly sustainable travel choice that offers the people of Exeter a practical, easy and enjoyable alternative to driving a car.”

Join the revolution

It’s easy to book in to use a bike - you can either hire using a credit card on a pay-as-you-go basis or sign up to a membership scheme.     

The company offers joint membership of Co-bikes and Co-cars, and are the first one-card membership scheme for both car and bike hire in the UK.

To get started, just go to a bike docking hub and swipe your card or pre-book via the Nextbike App. Then simply pull the bike out of the dock and off you go!

Once you’re finished, you can return the bike to any Co-bikes docking hub. There are several docking stations around the city at key locations, including at Exeter Central Station and the University of Exeter’s Forum, with more to follow later this year.

Prices start from 75p per half an hour hire for members, or £1.50 for non-members – so why not sign up today?

Here’s to the transport revolution!

To find out more about Co-bikes visit their website or follow @CoBikesElectric on Twitter.

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