Celebrating four years of the Social Stock Exchange

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Posted on: 01.02.2017

Hands up if you’ve heard of the Social Stock Exchange (SSX)? Or knew that Good Energy is a founding member?

Our guess is probably not, but for us, it’s another great example of how we’re different.

Investing for positive impact

Set up in 2013, the SSX is the world’s first regulated stock exchange committed to helping businesses and investors who are looking to make a positive social and environmental difference through their work.

To join, and remain a member, companies must report on what they’ve done each year, which is then judged and approved by a number of financial experts. Essentially they’re making sure that what we’re doing is exactly what it says on the tin.

To Good Energy being part of the SSX is more than just about investment, it reinforces our promise to ‘do the right thing’ not only for shareholders but for our customers, the community, the environment and our work force.


The 40-plus SSX member companies come from a variety of different sectors, ranging from education and utilities to art, professional services and renewables. But what joins them together is a shared commitment to sustainability, ethics, the environment and valuing everyone they work with.

For us this is at the very heart of everything we do. When we were founded back in the 1990’s, people and businesses around the UK had very little choice about where their energy came from.

98% of electricity was generated by fossil fuels and very few sustainable options were available.

By giving everyone the opportunity to choose renewable energy, whether as a supplier, as a company to invest in or by helping people to generate their own green electricity, we’re transforming the way the energy market works every single day.


The new ‘business as usual’

It’s by doing this that we’ve been able to continue to grow financially and sustainably. We’ve been around for over 18 years and our ethics remain as important to us, if not more so, now as they did on Day 1.


With more and more of us looking at the ethics and sustainability of a business before we buy into them, platforms like the SSX have never been more important.


Business as usual is no longer enough, it never was. Imagine the level of positive change if more and more companies saw being ethical as the new business as usual. The Social Stock Exchange is the spark that has helped ignite this movement in recent years and we are proud to be part of it.

Sign up or invest in an ethical energy company today.

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