Scotland is leading the way in the UK’s battle for reduced emissions

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Posted on: 24.01.2017

Great news from Scotland this week, with the announcement that they’re planning on cutting their reliance on fossil fuels for transport, energy and heating to reduce their total climate emissions by a whopping 66% in the next 15 years.

This comes after Scotland managed to achieve their target of a 42% cut in emissions by 2020 six years early! Instead of simply settling on an impressive figure, they’re pushing the targets even higher.

How can Scotland reduce climate emissions even further?

This ambitious climate strategy has several key points which will help to reduce the country’s overall emissions, namely:

  • Increasing the use of ultra-low carbon cars: by 2032 40% of all new cars and vans sold in Scotland will be ultra-low emission with half of all Scottish buses being low-carbon.
  • Creating more renewable electricity: Scotland is aiming for a completely renewable energy grid by 2032 – the year when Scotland’s last nuclear power station will also close.
  • Finding and implementing low-carbon home heating solutions: 4 out of 5 Scottish homes will be heated using low-carbon technologies.
  • Taking care of nature: by repairing 250,000 hectares of peatland, 1.7 gigatonnes of CO2 can be safely and naturally stored.
  • Hybrid ferries: at least 30% of Scotland’s ferry fleet will be low-carbon, likely being powered by hybrid engines.


Why is this plan such a big deal?

Scotland is talking about real-world cuts in emissions – reducing their carbon footprint by cutting down on their emissions.

They plan on doing this using people power – Scottish businesses, homeowners and commuters – in order to hit their targets. There will be incentives to move towards electric powered or hybrid vehicles and moving towards low-carbon heating systems and improving insulation.

Just last month the Scottish Government announced its target had been met for 500MW of renewable generation to be in local or community ownership by 2020, so it was doubling this to 1GW - enough to power half a million homes.

How can I play my part?

You don’t have to move to Scotland to reduce your impact on climate change. There are lots of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint in your own home. By switching to Good Energy and taking advantage of our 100% renewable electricity and Green Gas you could cut your carbon footprint by 50%!

The more people who make the switch, the greater the impact we can have on climate change!

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