What is it like living close to a wind farm?

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Posted on: 19.12.2016

25 years ago in Cornwall, something special happened that was to change the face of the UK energy industry for good. Delabole wind farm opened in December 1991 and was the first of its kind in the UK, kick-starting Britain’s wind power industry. A quarter of a century later and wind power remains one of our most popular forms of energy generation, with a record 71% of British people supporting the technology in the government’s most recent public attitudes survey.

Unfortunately these successes don’t regularly make the headlines, so we thought we’d go directly to the source and ask the people of Delabole what it’s really like to live close to a wind farm…


Susan and John

“We’ve lived in Delabole for nearly 20 years and we love seeing the turbines out of our window.

We’ve always enjoyed being around the turbines and have often walked right up to them with our dogs. It’s always lovely – still to this day – to see so many people taking photos of the site.

The project has also really helped the village in a number of ways. The local tariff and community grants that we receive every

year have been of great benefit to the area. It’s helped fund a new nursery school playground, a new kit for the Delabole football and cricket clubs and has even helped with the allotments that John and I are involved with.

When the redevelopment happened in 2010, of course we were a little bit anxious at first, but swapping the original 10 turbines to 4 more powerful ones was a wonderful idea. We even wanted more!

We’re not sure what the future holds for the environment but we’ve wanted to ensure we do our bit and that our children and grandchildren have the best chance possible to live in a cleaner and safer world.”



“The wind farm is just fantastic. I have lived in Delabole all of my life and used to work very close by.

You regularly hear people complain that wind turbines are loud and unsightly, yet for most of my working day I was only meters away from the site and never heard the turbines make a single sound. I think that they’re beautiful structures, much better than ugly power stations.

One of my favourite memories was holding a staff party on the site where we set off some fireworks behind the turbines - the view was just spectacular and remains very special to me.

To me, wind farms assure that no damage is being done to the environment to create power. That’s why I’m so proud to live in the village where wind power was born.

Generating our energy from renewables is the only way we can move forward if we want to protect both people and our planet.”


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