Scotland aims high with renewable targets

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Posted on: 11.11.2016

Across the UK, renewable records continue to be broken at rapid speed.

While the country is making great strides towards being truly zero carbon, it’s in Scotland where we see some of the biggest steps being taken.


Wind energy – we’re a big fan

This year alone, Scottish wind power has met the countries entire electricity demand on a number of separate occasions, more and more people have installed solar on their roofs and the Highlands saw the world’s first large scale tidal energy farm being opened.

This follows Scotland already sourcing 57.7% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2015, beating its impressive 50% goal. That’s a staggering amount!

But the achievements don’t stop there.

The Energy of Scotland

A new report, titled the Energy of Scotland, has revealed that power from the wind, sun and other renewables could provide half of Scotland’s entire energy needs in just 15 years.

In fact, WeatherEnergy data has shown that wind turbines in Scotland generated 792,717MWh of electricity to the National Grid in October.


That figure is up more than a quarter on the same month last year and is enough to supply the average needs of 87% of Scottish households for an entire month.

While it would require significant changes in how the UK generates energy for its heating and transport needs, this ambitious target is certainly possible.

Paris and beyond

Already exporting large amounts of electricity to the rest of the UK, producing 40% more than it needs, and with half of its buses and a third of its cars becoming electric, Scotland is playing a mammoth part in helping the UK reduce its emissions by 80% by 2050.

The UK is a global leader in tackling climate change and with our promise to take on board the Paris agreement expected imminently, the journey to a cleaner, greener energy future seems to be well on its way.

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