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Posted on: 31.10.2016

What do a lollipop lady, some run down toilets and a flock of chickens have in common?

Answer: A little ‘Good Energy’!

You might not be aware of the investment we put into the communities closest to our generation farms.

It’s important to us that we do the right thing for our local communities by supporting the causes and projects that matter to them the most. Since 2015, we’ve contributed more than £175,000 to community initiatives. Here are just some examples of the projects we’ve helped off the ground in recent months…

Glad to donate a buck, buck, buck to local school

Five Lanes Primary School in Devizes, Wiltshire recently received a grant to go towards a brand new chicken house and run, and the chickens to go along with it! And it was all thanks to one of our solar farms.

The students, and staff alike, were very excited about the arrival of Five Lanes’ newest pupils and couldn’t wait to meet them. 

The chickens will serve as an aide to help the children learn about where their food comes from as well as teach them life lessons in caring for other living creatures.

The school hope to start selling their very own eggs soon. Hands up for the first batch!

Locals can’t ‘loos’ thanks to Good Energy

The ‘Spend a Penny’ campaign was set up by Worton and Marston Village Hall, in Wiltshire hoping to replace their cramped loos with modern, accessible toilets with baby-changing facilities.

Although the villagers had already done their own fundraising activities, they were still some way off their target of £15,000. Thanks to Good Energy, our donation of £2,500 linked with our Lower End solar farm brought them much closer to their total.

This transformation will ensure that the Hall’s facilities can be used by all the local residents.

Lollipop lady is a big fan of our wind farm

Delabole Primary School in Cornwall almost lost their dedicated lollipop lady, Pam Wren, when funding for their crossing patrol service was set to be cut.

Pam has been helping children get to school safely for almost 20 years. Along with parents and teachers at the school, she was concerned about the children’s’ safety as the road outside the school can be extremely busy.

Once we heard about the school’s predicament, we felt compelled to pitch in and help meet the funding gap. We contributed £500 this year and pledged £500 next year to go towards Pam’s salary costs.

With our support, and other donations, Delabole Primary is now able to retain its school crossing patrol!


At Good Energy, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with the communities closest to our generation sites, not just during the planning process but for the entire lifetime of the farm.

We do this not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.  

Browse our energy farms to learn more about the regular contributions we make to our communities.

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