How a little wind power helped save Delabole’s lollipop lady

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Posted on: 25.10.2016

When Delabole Primary School in Cornwall found itself at risk of losing its lollipop lady, it wasn’t just parents and teachers who were concerned about children’s safety.

Once word spread that funding for the crossing patrol was under threat, Good Energy was only too happy to help. And it was all thanks to our wind farm, which provides a special fund for local people.

We responded to the school’s appeal for help, contributing £500 per year for the next two years towards the salary costs of its dedicated lollipop lady.

Thanks to Good Energy and donations from other local businesses, the school was able to safeguard the future of the crossing patrol – much to the relief of parents, teachers and the lollipop lady herself.

Pam Wren, Delabole Primary School’s lollipop lady, has been helping children cross the busy road outside the school safely for almost 20 years and said: "On this stretch of road, it can be mayhem outside the school. Children's safety should be a priority."

Headteacher Sue Cox said the success of the appeal was testament to the strong community spirit in the village. “Delabole School is so much more than just the staff and pupils in it. It truly is a community school, and over the past year, our wider community have shown their support in more ways than I could have imagined.”

Local councillor Dominic Fairman, who helped with the appeal, commented that he was impressed by strong community spirit in Delabole; he added that, because of this, he wasn’t surprised that it was relatively straightforward to drum up enough financial support to retain the school crossing patrol.

Whether it’s funding the installation of solar panels or supporting local events, at Good Energy we pride ourselves on being a good neighbour to those living close to our wind and solar farms. In fact, when we redeveloped the Delabole wind farm in 2011 we set up a community fund that donates more than £9,000 per year to local good causes, and a local tariff that offers renewable electricity at reduced prices to homes in the village.

Over the years the fund has contributed towards lighting for Delabole’s annual carnival, new equipment for local sports clubs and playground improvements for the local school and playgroup.

Take a look at our energy farms to learn more about the contributions we make to local communities.

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