From Kite Power to Solar Bike Paths…

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Posted on: 18.10.2016

At Good Energy we get real thrills from seeing what incredible ideas people around the world are coming up with to tackle climate change!

It goes to show that with a little bit of inventiveness and perseverance we can move towards a world that doesn’t need to rely on fossil fuels to function. Here we round up of some of these exciting new ideas that have appeared on our radar in the last few weeks…


Kite Power

Innovation in wind technology has given way to a new game changer – the humble kite!

This new technology, that works by the kite turning a turbine as it flies, could cut the price of offshore wind by half. If two kites fly in tandem, they can produce a continual flow of electricity. 

One of the first commercial sized kite farms is being built in Scotland – just one of a number of new renewable technologies launching in the country. This cheaper, efficient form of power generation is an exciting development on the renewable landscape. We’ll be keeping our eye on its progress!



Solar Bike Paths

Solar bike paths are popping up all over the place – from Canada, to the Netherlands, to Poland! The new bike path in Pruszkow, Poland, is made with blue luminophores. These chemical compounds emit light after being charged by the sun. Not only are they sustainable, but they also allow cyclists to be active and ride safely through the night. Could this encourage people to drive less and cycle more in the darker hours?

The luminophores can emit light for 10 hours after charging themselves throughout the duration of the day. A useful and beautiful technological innovation!



Desert Farms

A pioneering farm in Australia is growing its own vegetables by using power from the sun and seawater! This transformative technology could be a blue print for many farms to come. The farm has no need for fossil fuels, soil or pesticides to successfully grow its 17,000 metric tonnes of veg! Its crops grow inside a greenhouse that is lined with water drenched cardboard.

The seawater that is extracted from the Spencer Gulf is purified using its onsite solar power. Although technology like this is still relatively expensive, prices are coming down and over time the farm will be completely self-sufficient - incredible!

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