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Posted on: 17.10.2016

At Good Energy, we always aim to do the right thing not just for our customers, but for our own people too.

So we’re proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer and we’re a huge supporter of Living Wage Week 2016 – it’s a big part of our values as an ethical business.

Separate from the government’s national living wage, this voluntary hourly rate is calculated according to the true cost of living in the UK. And although we’ve only been part of the scheme since 2015, Good Energy has been paying its entire team the living wage for several years because we simply think it’s the right thing to do.

With 2016 marking the 15th year of the campaign, we spoke to Dan from our generation team to find out why being paid the Living Wage while an intern at Good Energy really benefited him.

Hi Dan! Tell us when you joined Good Energy and about your role?

I first started at Good Energy in March 2016, after graduating from university the previous year. Working in the energy industry was always something I was really keen to be a part of.

Joining the company’s trading team, I started out by working on a project which looked at measuring the organisation’s carbon footprint – it was a fascinating piece of work to get stuck into. 

What difference did it make being paid the Living Wage when you started work?

Being paid the Living Wage from the start meant that I could afford to move out and rent my own place close to Good Energy’s head office, something I couldn’t have afforded to do on an unpaid internship, for example, or on the minimum wage.

It also meant I could socialise with colleagues and friends, see my family more regularly and even volunteer for a local charity project while not worrying too much about finances for travel or being left out.

How did being paid the Living Wage help with your work and future career?

Joining a company that pays the Living Wage has made me feel like my work and time is valued, making me a real part of the team. The Living Wage has made all the difference. If I was just on the minimum wage, I’m not sure I would have been able to pay for all of my living expenses.

I could also dedicate my time to the role and had the opportunity to gain the experience I needed to apply for a more permanent position. Because of this I’ve now moved into a full time role within Good Energy’s generation team as a Projects Assistant, working on new solar and wind parks all across the UK (and taking great pictures, like the one opposite, of the wildlife at our sites) – which is all thanks to the Living Wage!

Doing social good

As a Good Energy customer you can be sure that you’re joining a supplier that does more than just supply ethical energy through our 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral green gas.

During Living Wage week, we’ll be showing our support for the campaign by making some noise on social media, asking our partners and suppliers if they’ve thought about signing up, and we’ll be having our own celebration at Good Energy HQ as well.

We’d love for you to get involved too – check out #LivingWageWeek on Twitter to keep up to date.

Living Wage Week will run from 30th October to 4th November 2016.

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