Unicorn Grocery: Going organic isn’t a fantasy

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Posted on: 21.09.2016

Hands up who thinks of tasty fruit and veg when you first hear the word organic?

While organic is much more than just delicious potatoes, parsnips and plums, at Unicorn Grocery in Manchester, it means just that – and we’re proud to say they’re one of Good Energy’s oldest customers too!

To celebrate Organic September, we spoke to Kellie, one of the grocers at Unicorn, about its history, why more of us should be choosing organic and why the business switched for good.

Get your apples and pears

First opening its doors way back in 1996, Unicorn was founded after its creators spent two years working out how to make the kind of grocery that they’d always wanted to shop in.

“Our mission – which we call our ‘Principles of Purpose’ – acts as a foundation for everything we do, from our sustainable goals to how the workforce is structured. Since then we’ve always sold affordable, wholesome, natural ingredients to our local community,” says Kellie.

For Unicorn, these principles also meant carefully considering, just like the food they sell, where the energy that powers the business came from.

“We switched to Good Energy back in 1999 because of their 100% renewable electricity promise - and we’ve never looked back. I remember even now that we were very excited to find an energy supplier that was in line with our ethos."



What’s great about Good Energy is that they have done exactly what a decent business should do but rarely does. They’re always easy to speak to and offer advice or support whenever you need it – you phone up, they answer quickly and deal with everything in a flash.

Celebrating Organic

This September, Good Energy is supporting organic lifestyles and businesses up and down the country by sponsoring the Soil Association’s Organic September campaign for the fourth year in a row.

“As a business which has a large focus on providing organic and Fairtrade produce, it’s great to see Good Energy supporting Organic September.

“It’s always been hard to get across the message of why organic food is so much more environmentally beneficial and healthier and it’s a shame it’s been associated with a question over price in the past.

“That’s certainly not the case with our fruit and veg and hopefully Organic September can help inform and change these perceptions. Organic growing – just like renewable energy – is of benefit for all, for people and the planet. I’d encourage everyone to choose both!”


Making a small change to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity and green gas is a fast, simple and easy process that everyone can do.

Want to sign up today? Find out more about Organic September, including how to switch to renewable energy and what we’re doing for it. 

Ready to switch?